Strengthening the Roots

Rebranding & Digital Marketing

With a chain of over ten dental clinics in Tamil Nadu, Dentistree is a sought-after dental-care provider. In 2019, they decided to revamp their brand identity to suit contemporary needs. With the brand revamp, they wanted to sell 600 dental cards through multiple digital campaigns. 

And so…

We decided to study the trigger points that would drive one to buy dental cards. Dental health awareness is scant in India. Only emergencies drive one to get a dental health check-up. Therefore, our campaign was focussed on driving the importance of routine check-ups that would avert emergencies. 

The means of communication deployed were through targeted ads on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, supplemented by banners and flyers for local distribution. The website was revamped to accommodate bookings. 

And now….

After the launch of the campaign, over 600 dental cards were sold within a month. The campaign continues to draw traction on social media platforms.

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