Simplicity is the key to sophistication.

A digital branding exercise

And so

We decided to give a modern yet non-fictitious approach to the 50 years old brand called Ulama from the house of PMP. Ulama offers a wide range of offerings from Lungis, vests, and briefs. This long-established brand is well-liked among distributors and retailers in locations like TamilNadu, Uttar Pradesh, Kolkata, And Madhya Pradesh. 

We wanted to give the brand a modern twist in the digital sphere. The communications deployed were social media posts and videos. To establish a brand connection and recall value, we consciously avoided the endorsement of “perfect humans” for any communication revolving around the brand. Instead, we captured the affinity of our audience by accentuating the congenial happenings of our daily life.

And now,

We have steadily built a niche follower base for the brand in the digital sphere, and we have helped the brand move their sales online using our engagement in the digital media.

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