Somethings don’t change.

Logo & Packaging

In the branding and packaging department, we have had the pleasure of working with brands that have stood the test of time. With the brief given to us, we were required to revamp the existing branding for Mentos with a tentative projection of the life span. With the rebranding in place, the surface graphics had to be tweaked for packaging design. 

This exercise was particularly tricky, as the existing branding was about ten years old. In theory, the rebranding had to be congruent with the philosophy of the brand, while giving the visual elements a facelift. After a rigorous understanding of the essence of the brand, we were able to produce a new, contemporary brand identity without taking away the integral elements of the brand. This was achieved by using peppy colours and sharp serifs that were made more fluid to emulate the feel of the product.

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