Scarlet Tales
Inked in Red

A Branding and Technology Exercise

Scarlet Tales is an online platform that sells curated menstrual kits. Menstruation in India has always been a subject of distaste, discussed behind closed doors. That is exactly what Scarlet Tales intended to change. Our association with Scarlet Tales started with a product launch campaign on social media, followed by the development of a website. 

And so…

During the initial phase of the campaign, we wanted to give the brand a strong voice that would percolate taboos against menstruation. While the launch campaign was in motion, the website was designed to be interactive and user-friendly. A period calculator was incorporated to allow the automatic purchase of products. Furthermore, event branding was also done to spread the word locally (In Pune). 

And then…

One year since the inception of Scarlet Tales, the company has created a strong social media impact while partnering with various organisations that aim at breaking the taboo around menstruation and making menstrual hygiene products affordable and accessible to everyone.

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